American Tapas in the heart of columbus

Really good food and drinks. Even better conversation.



American tapas are our bread and butter (we have that too!), but we also have larger plates including the juiciest sirloin in town, ahi tuna, and Texas sheet cake that you won’t want to share.


Eat Together

Every plate is made carefully by our experienced team and chef.


Nosh: to snack, to share

I believe in making great food available to everyone. You shouldn’t have to break the bank, to enjoy an amazing meal and have a good time!

- Benjamin Kershaw, Chef


Why Nosh?

How many times have you gone out and had too many choices at a restaurant?

Or maybe what your friend ordered is better than your dish?

Or do you always try your partner’s food when on a date?

We both like to travel, and enjoy food & wine when doing so. Through our travels to places like Spain, Cuba, Italy and places in the US like Chicago, Pittsburgh, Asheville, Nashville, Phoenix and wine country in California, we look at how people are eating and what the trends are. We decided we wanted to bring some of that back to Columbus. Places like the Purple Pig, Butcher in the Rye, and Curate were the inspiration to focus on small shareable plates while staying true to the flavors of the midwest.

The idea is to come in to share the food, have some crafted cocktails or unique wines, feel comfortable, and enjoy your company without having to make too many decisions.

- Kevin and Mike, Nosh Co-Owners





Benjamin Kershaw has lived in and around Columbus for the last 25 years. Born in Morgantown, West Virginia, his parents moved to Uganda when he was 6 months old. After 5 years of peace corp. duty, they settled in West Jefferson, Ohio.

A Hocking College graduate. Benjamin has spent 17 years in the food and hospitality industry. He enjoys traveling and spending his free time outdoors (kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping). He uses his years of industry experience and travel to create fun and exciting menus.



Kevin Jones commonly know as"KJ," "Big Boss Man," or lately "PawPaw" (for the way he treats his staff like his own family), got his work ethic from his dad, a Pittsburgh steel worker. He told him, "No one will ever give you anything. You will earn everything you want by showing people how hard you work and earning their respect,” and he still lives up to that trait today.

Kevin cut his teeth in the kitchens of Chuck Muer corporation, Engine House #5, and also Cameron Mitchell restaurants where the "associate comes first" way of thinking was instilled in him, and is something that he still believes in today. In 2011, he made a move to the front of house at Milestone 229, which showed him the other side of the restaurant business and propelled him to the opportunity in front of him, Nosh on High.



Mike Campbell has been in the restaurant industry for 12 years. Prior to that, he owned (and now his kids own) Campbell Restoration, a construction company. Through his experiences in both industries, he’s learned that the most important key to success is to put your team first. He and Kevin met when Mike was the co-owner of Milestone 229, and the two shared the same sentiment of creating a good work environment.

“If I hire the right people and treat them well, then my business will be successful. If you do that, everyone wins.”



Rusty Scarberry Jr. is a Columbus native with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry. When Rusty was in college, he started working at Scioto Country Club, which sparked his passion for the industry. Over the years, Rusty has worked at a few local restaurants, but when he was managing Milestone 229, he met Kevin Jones and the two quickly bonded over their love for restaurants, and more importantly their shared commitment to put their staff first. When not in the restaurant, he enjoys all things sports, checking out new spots in the city, and spending time with his family.

"There's nothing better than watching people you care about successfully working as a team and humbly being a part of it."